JAMB Sweet Sixteen Novel Questions 2020 and Answers for UTME Exams

JAMB Sweet Sixteen Novel Questions 2020 and Answers for UTME Exams.

JAMB Sweet Sixteen Questions 2020: You desire to know the possible likely questions from JAMB Recommended Novel (Sweet Sixteen) right?

Don’t worry, you are at the right link. Here, on this page we will show you most likely set questions for the forth coming JAMB UTME screening exercise.

Ever since JAMB publicly announced the recommended novel for all UTME candidate for year 2019. Lot of Nigeria student from divers angles have been expecting our likely set questions from the novel (sweet sixteen) as to guide them through while reading the novel.

IMPORTANT! Don’t fail to read our summary for Sweet Sixteen HERE.

The purpose of this test questions is to give you an insight of what to expect from the real Use of English novel section CBT Practice Test. You should take note that, the questions provided on this page might not be in-line or exactly the same as that of JAMB UTME Exam.

However, i will advice you to read the recommended novel – ‘sweet sixteen’ after answering the whole questions on this page.

JAMB Sweet Sixteen Likely Questions.

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  1. You are given 10 Questions to answer in 10 minutes.
  2. All the questions have four different questions with a single correct option.
  3. Select the correct option and Click on Next Button.
  4. If you got it right, a green background will tell you that you are right.
  5. If you are wrong, the correct answer will be shaded for you with green background.
  6. Complete the whole questions and view the summary of the result.

Below are possible questions and answers from Jamb new novel (Sweet Sixteen)…

1. Who is the Author of the book, “Sweet Sixteen”?

1. Bolaji Adelaji
2. Bolaji Abdullahi
3. Bolade Abdullahi
4. Jerry Agada

Answer: Bolaji Abdullahi

2. How old was Aliya in the Novel?

1. 16
2. 18
3. 17
4. 19

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Answer: 16

3. According to one expert; ‘’Comprehensive sex education doesn’t encourage kids to have sex.

1. True
2. False

Answer: True

4. KOTL means……

1. Kiss On The Lips
2. Kiss On The Labs
3. Kiss On-top The Lips
4. Kiss On-top The Legs

Answer: Kiss on-top the lips

5. …………. almost fainted when he heard that some students were caught on the school’s basketball court at night having ‘’SEX’.

1. Mr James
2. Aliya
3. Mr Bello
4. Bolaji

Answer: Mr. Bellow

6. Good comprehensive programmes teach students that abstinence is the only surefire way to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

1. True
2. False

Answer: True

7. Adoringly, Aliya was referred to as……….

1. Journalist
2. Sex Addict
3. Beautiful Lady
4. First Lady

Answer: First Lady

8. Who asked this question “what does HAK and KOTL mean?”

1. Aliya
2. Bolaji
3. Mr Bello
4. First Lady

Answer: Aliya

9. Mr Bello is a ————— by Professions fro the Novel.

1. an Accountant
2. Engineer
3. Nurse
4. Journalist

Answer: Journalist

10. Where were the students were caught having SEX?

1. At the Chapel
2. Behind a Lawn Tennis Court
3. At the Basketball Court
4. In the Toilet

Answer: At the basket ball Court

11. …………. is the protagonist in the Novel, Sweet Sixteen

1. Mr Bello
2. Aliya
3. Mrs Bello
4. Mr Fayose

Answer: Aliya

From the Novel, Most Teenagers knows what Adults seems to be Hiding from them.

1. True
2. False

Answer: True

30 Questions that Might Appear on Your JAMB CBT Test.

Questions 1:

What is the main message of the story about the hunter?

Answer: Parents should pass across their wealth of knowledge to their children and the children should do the same when they grow up.

Questions 2:

In the Novel, Aliya is suffering from a health condition known as ___

Answer: Asthma

Questions 3:

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Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen” is written in?

Answer: First person narrative

Questions 4:

Although, many people thought Grace was a snob but Aliya thinks she was?

Answer: Nice and Generous

Questions 5

The novel “Sweet Sixteen” is published by?

Answer: Masobe Books

Questions 6:

At what point did Aliya start to consider being a lawyer as a career?

Answer: When she found Grisham’s book at the library.

Questions 7

In the novel, Aliya is assertive that whenever anyone wants her father’s full attention should?

Answer: Tell him a story

Questions 8

According to the sweet sixteen novel, which of these society has “Fat-farms”, where girls were force-fed to fatten them up in the novel?

Answer: Mauritania

Questions 9

The spinal bond document gift from Aliya’s father has on it, which of these bold inscriptions?

Answer: Letter to my Daughter

Questions 10

According to the novel, which of these character is described as a clear gold medalist?

Answer: Akin

Questions 11

What does HAK mean in the book?

Answer: Hugs and kisses.

Questions 12

As a child, Aliya hated to be called a child but a

Answer: Young adult

Questions 13

According to the Novel, K.P.C is a social media language that means

Answer: Keep the parent clueless

Questions 14

Which of these is a constant presence in Aliya’s life?

Answer: Her Ventolin Inhaler

Questions 15

Who is Mr. Bello’s favourite musician

Answer: Mr. Bello listened to Fela’s music and other songs too but his favourite musician is Ali Farka Toure which is from Mali

Questions 16

Whenever Aliya’s mum stops being angry, she

Answer: sings around the house

Questions 17

Apart from the Malian singer, who was Mr. Bello’s favourite, whose music does he like too?

Answer: Fela’s music

Questions 18

Which of the gifts Aliya receives from her father had she requested for her 16th birthday?

Answer: The compact digital camera

Questions 19

According to the novel, at what time was Aliya so sure that she wanted to be a pilot?

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Answer: About entering senior class

Questions 20

Due to Aliya’s health condition, she suggests donating which of these to the school clinic?

Answer: Nebuliser

Questions 21

Being generous, according to Mr. Bello means

Answer: going out of your way to make others happy

Questions 22

Which of these stories was told by Aliya’s father to teach her kindness even to unkind people in the novel?

Answer: The slave and the slaver

Questions 23

What Mr. Bello detest most are not saying your prayers on time and

Answer: Telling lies

Questions 24

According to the novel, Aliya was in dire need for her mother to reveal a secret to her about her father. What is the secret?

Answer: The secret of making his tea

Questions 25

In the novel, the Gandhi’s test is to teach Aliya that

Answer: Contentment is wealth

Questions 26

“Beauty is nothing, but character is needed”. This sentence means

Answer: having a good character is the most beautiful thing

Questions 27

Aliya’s father tries to teach Aliya chess because

Answer: it will make her think strategically

Questions 28

Bolaji Abdullahi obtained B.Sc degree in mass communication from

Answer: University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Questions 29

In the novel, if the chapter “stereotype” themed on religious issues, The chaper 1 “The Drive” is on?

Answer: Self-Improvement

Questions 30

In the novel, who often jokes that she was surprised Aliya’s father didn’t name her “CHELSEA”?

Answer: Aliya’s mother

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Number of Questions to Expect – The number of questions set by jamb varies, they have been cases where by student with the same jamb subject combination are given total different number of questions from jamb novel, but the total number of questions from the novel should not be more than 10.

It could be less, depending…

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JAMB Sweet Sixteen Novel Questions 2020 and Answers for UTME Exams
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